Release: 15th septembre


Elin K


Elin K is a Swedish artist and songwriter who make dreamy, epic and soulful pop music. 

Elin K did her debut as a solo artist in Spring 2017 with the single Strange Flowers. Elin creates her own charismatic and dreamy atmosphere world that takes inspiration by gospel choirs fusioned with R&B beats. Elin K works with producer Vanessa Liftig (who has worked with artists such as Wu-Tan Clan, José González and Looptroop Rockers). Her voice is unique, has depth and soul which works so well with Vanessa's interesting production. Elin K often writes from personal experiences and thoughts on life.


Elin went into music at the age of 6 and became a skilled violinist, In her early 20s she lived in Paris and Buenos Aires, dancing argentine tango. Elin K worked with the producer Vanessa Lifting (Wu tan clan) & Robin Mortensen Lynch (Sting, Pink) amongst others, toured in China and played at Swedish National Radio 4. She also arranges a feminist soul club in Gothenburg city.


“Elin K's music has influences of Lana Del Ray and Seinabo Sey, solid R & B beats and a very unique voice that bites its hold of the listener.. Strange Flowers is cinematic and dreamy, almost like stepping into another world, a world where you want to stay for a while and listen to more.”              -Robin Mortensen Lynch